Photography by Emily Green Photo.

Tickled Pink: Barbie dreams are a reality in this bright home

If you didn’t have a Barbie Dream House when you were younger, it was more than likely on your Christmas list every year. Now that Barbie is more relevant than ever, we are reminiscing about the good old days. Getting home after school and running to the hot pink mansion with no worries in the world, other than the made up drama between Barbie and Ken.

Well it turns out, dreams really can become reality. Mia Chouest wasn’t going to let anything stop her from creating her own Barbie Dream Home. With the help of The Design Studio and Level Homes, Chouest was able to design the pinkest house possible.

This Barbie is a boss. Becky Walker with The Design Studio created this perfectly pink office space for homeowner Mia Chouest to not only work but also to unleash her creativity. The show-stopper is a pair of fuchsia armoires behind her desk. “We went through a lot of ideas for this space but knew we wanted to give the feeling of a custom, built-in look,” Walker explains. “When we found these armoires with the glass doors, we knew they would be perfect for a productive and fun workspace to fuel Mia’s creativity. The shelves also reminded us of Barbie doll packaging.”

“Pink is our client’s absolute favorite color. To be successful in having a fun yet sophisticated design, we chose to incorporate other colors that compliment all the shades of pink in the design,” said Becky Walker, principal designer and owner of The Design Studio. “When it came to the different textiles like fabrics and wall coverings, we knew the options were endless, but we wanted to find patterns and color combinations that would work in her space for the foreseeable future.”