The renovated family room in the Haydels' Bocage home. Photo by Sara Essex Bradley.

Take a peek inside the homes of inRegister’s October issue

Each month, inRegister’s pages feature a stunning local home. But in our homes-themed issues every May and October, we turn our full focus toward highlighting inspiring residences in the Capital Region. Not only are these houses themselves story-worthy, so are the people who call them home. Click on the headlines below to see the full home photo galleries and read more about the inspirations behind each design:

Photo by Sara Essex Bradley.

All in Good Taste 

Bringing some spice to the October cover is a bold sitting area in the Bocage home of local restaurateur Wayne Stabiler and his wife Luci. The home, which was purchased by the Stabilers in 2017, was remodeled and transformed from dark and formal to light and inviting. From the open and bright foyer to the backyard pool and outdoor kitchen, every square inch is geared toward the couple’s favorite pastime: entertaining. By partnering with local designer Anne McCanless, the couple was able to check every box off of their dream home wishlist.

“They wanted their guests to be able to come in and kick their feet up,” says McCanless. “They wanted a more casual environment for entertaining.”

See more of the house and read the full story here.

Smart Move

Ever cringe when you hear the phrase “Two under two?” Well, try having two kids under two years old and moving twice in under two years. That was the scene for Beverly and Justin Haydel–who somewhere between buying and remodeling a home in Old Metairie, having their first child and expecting baby number two–found themselves in the midst of a move to Baton Rouge. Beverly knew she wanted to live near her parents in Bocage Lakes, so when a house in Bocage became available, the couple knew they had to act fast and renovate even faster.

The couple enlisted the help of interior designer Colleen Waguespack, who had recently designed their Old Metairie home, to get their new Bocage residence ready in time for the second baby’s arrival. “We had about two months,” says Waguespack. “It was a quick turn around, and we touched every single surface of the house. We used the same paint colors, the same choice for the stair runner, and even some of the same drapes as in the former home. But we stripped the floors and replaced every lighting fixture and all of the hardware, which makes a big difference. We made the house more consistent and current.”

Photo by Sara Essex Bradley.

Taking the Stage

Staging homes has quickly become one of the best tools Realtors, developers and homeowners have when trying to sell a property for the best price. Staging is the process of furnishing vacant homes with furniture and accessories, and allows future homeowners to envision themselves inside the space. Some Baton Rouge builders and real estate agents have recently been pairing with local interior design firms to make the most out of empty homes that would otherwise look stark to the untrained eye.

“I see the benefit of staging open-concept houses with good furniture. It helps the buyer’s eye to focus on how it would live as a house, and it helps the actual architectural elements shine in a room,” says Cherith Craft, a decorator who stages the homes built by her husband Brandon of Craft Developments.

Photo by Collin Richie.

Family Matters

Throughout the years, it can be hard to keep up relationships and stay connected, even to those you love most. However, the five Fisher sisters– Margaret Bishop, Joyce Fisher, Martha Companile, Mary Companile and Faye Hewett–have managed to stick together despite anything life could throw their way. Their bond has been sealed even tighter since the purchase of a shared property in historic St. Francisville. The home features many staples of an older Southern home with a winding staircase, solid wood doors and intimate living spaces. Yet the sisters have managed to make the house their own by partnering up with their “sixth sister” Patti DuPree, to bring their own personal style into the home.

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