The Bennetts' Willow Grove home, which combines classic elements and cool colors, has been a reader favorite since its debut three years ago. Photo by Melissa Oivanki.

Home sweet home: inRegister’s top three reader-favorite interiors stories

It’s no secret that people are fascinated with interior design and the work that goes into turning a house into a home. There’s an entire television network dedicated to finding the perfect place to call home, even if that home is strictly for vacation purposes. But why is it so important that people find the “perfect” house? One that makes them think “this is it” when they walk through the door? This is because homes are not just places for sleeping, they are an extension of our personalities, lifestyles and interests. They become the settings for some of our most cherished memories. We carefully create and pick our homes because they become our centering: the place were we feel most comfortable, the place we leave and return to everyday, and the place that defines eras in our lives. To celebrate the importance rooted in homes, we’re reminiscing on inRegister’s top interior design stories and the dwelling places that bring them to life. Click the titles of the stories below to read the full features:

3. Elements of style in a Willow Grove home

Bright cabinets contrast with rich floors and statement lighting in this kitchen. Photo courtesy Melissa Oivanki.

A team of designers transformed a house that was once just Stephanie and Bryon Bennett’s ideal location to raise their three young daughters into a home that radiates life and personality. How, you may ask? The oldest–and most dependable–trick in the book, the elements of art: color, texture, shape, line and space. Soft shades of blues, natural textures and a balance of modern, clean lines and traditional decor come together in this Willow Grove home to create a calm and casual atmosphere.

2. Comfort and joy: The Keller home hits a holiday high note

The Keller home is decorated for Christmas in 2015. Photo courtesy of Melissa Oivanki.

There’s no place like home for the holidays, especially if that home is hosting a wedding. As we all can attest, Santa season is one of the most active times of the year–cue Mariah Carey. Imagine: you’re in the middle of your holiday shopping, cooking and planning–a demanding schedule to say the least, but still manageable. Now, imagine that among that chaotic mist of wrapping paper and Christmas decorations, you’re also preparing your home to host a monumental moment: your child’s wedding. Dee and Steve Keller share their experience of coordinating and hosting their daughter’s New Year Eve wedding and the value of coming home for Christmas.

1. Palmetto paradise: Rigsby and Sarah Frederick’s exotic hideaway 

To avoid flooding and minimize the impact on the natural environment, Rigsby set the house atop an elevated deck. A boardwalk leads to nature trails that extend in both directions and allow visitors to get a closer look at the many birds and other creatures that also call this place home. Photo by Mark Bienvenu.

Though homes serve as our own personal capitals of comfort zones, a little getaway is always welcome to disrupt our everyday routines. Whether it’s a house on the beach or a quiet cabin surrounded by nature, vacation homes provide a different and enlightening sense of comfort. They serve as stress-free sanctuaries that block out life’s usual grueling responsibilities and allow for quality time of resetting your peace of mind–a home away from home.

In this story, Rigsby Frederick shares his experience of building and designing his two-story waterfront treehouse that serves as a sanctuary on the bayou. The Fredericks discuss the peaceful environment the guesthouse creates and its ability to attract visitors, encouraging them to slow down and enjoy the silent harmonies of nature.

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