Painting by Lauren Barksdale Hill. Photo courtesy Mint.

We’re going green with October’s color of the month

When it comes to fall, orange gets all the attention. From pumpkins to changing leaves, the hue is the clear choice for the month of October. However, we’re not into the obvious.

Green is the color capturing our attention this month. Whether in emerald, sage or classic Kelly, items in the nature-inspired hue are everywhere right now. We rounded up a few finds from local boutiques to fill your home and wardrobe. Click the posts below for purchasing information.

Whether draped over couch cushions or spread out for a fall picnic, this boho-inspired blanket is the ideal foray into the sage trend.

Sometimes more is more, and that is the case with this look from August. Faux leather pants and a jacket are complete with a coordinating green silk top.

Taking the color back to its roots–literally–this painting by Lauren Barksdale Hill is an eye-catching take on the oaks that make Baton Rouge so beautiful.

These. Lamps. In a brighter shade than other items on this list, they will light up (get it?) whatever space they are placed in.

It doesn’t get much better than a throw-on dress in the shade of the season. This hunter green silk version is perfect when paired with a jacket for when temperatures finally drop.

We would be remiss not to include the most obvious touch of green for any home: a house plant. We have our eyes on this option from Red Onion that is the perfect shape and size for a kitchen island.