Video produced by Oscar Tickle.

Get a glimpse into the design of The Myrtles | Common Thread

Up in St. Francisville, where Louisiana’s flat landscape turns hilly, sits the Myrtles Plantation.

The plantation has a creep-filled atmosphere and a long history of haunts, so most of the Myrtle’s publicity comes from the paranormal. The Myrtles boast a long list of owners since its construction in 1796. Most recently, the Moss family bought the property in 1992.

Not knowing what they were getting into, John and Teeta Moss purchased the property with much of the original furniture and historical articles left behind by previous owners. Now, their son Morgan Moss and his wife Lizzie own and run the property. Morgan has a different take on the planation than the average tourist.

“I feel like I have a little bit of a different perspective of being on the property because it’s all I’ve ever known,” Moss says. “I’ve been on the property since I was eight months old. So, I guess I’m a little bit less fazed or impacted by the paranormal side.”

Moss points out some items that have a checkered past, like the infamous mirror in the main foyer, where many visitors claim to see a face and handprints. While growing up, Moss saw his parents attempt to replace the glass on the mirror twice. Both times, the same smear lines and handprints reemerged.

Mirrors like this one sit all around the plantation adding to the creepy factor, and expanding the peripherals. Rooms like the French Room contain nothing but original furniture around 150 years old. This is one of the many reasons why Moss believes the property is more than just its haunted tours.

“Forever, the Myrtles has been known for its paranormal side. Everyone knows the Myrtles as being this haunted place that’s spooky and creepy,” says Moss. “We also find the property to be beautiful and entertaining and a fun, enjoyable place for people to spend time. So, that’s really what we’ve been leaning into and how we’ve been reinventing ourselves.”

The Myrtle’s Restaurant 1796 is full of works from admired artists and boasts a completely different style than the rest of the property. Moss looks forward to spreading his own style to other locations in the future.