Designer tip: Susan Roland on historical French style

The Louis Philippe style of furniture was developed around the year 1830 to satisfy the bourgeoisie’s desire for comfort while still providing a sense of their elevated social class. Made with heavier forms and warm-toned, dark woods like mahogany and walnut, the furnishings from this period are largely statement pieces perfect for conversation starters and family heirlooms.

In terms of design sense, says Fireside Antiques owner Susan Roland, the historical beauty of an antique will rarely disappoint. She recommends the Louis Philippe style for its Louisiana-friendly French style.

“Beautiful figured woods, straight sleek lines, and expert craftsmanship all give simplicity and warmth to any room,” she says. “Marble tops in gray, black and white are practical for busy families. Silver and gold gilt mirrors with their original mercury glass and simple elegant curved tops … Louis Philippe antiques are perfect for casual, traditional and contemporary interiors. Timeless, classical antiques never go out of style, servicing family homes for generations.”

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