Photo courtesy Rachel Cannon Lewis

Designer tip: Rachel Cannon Lewis on fuss-free fabrics

Similar to the situations in which we buy dry-clean-only garments only when we have to, so does a busy family avoid vulnerable finishes in a marinara-splattered kitchen or the curtains by the dog door. Instead, interior designers like Rachel Cannon Lewis vouch for sturdy materials and emerging technology to make your fabrics stay strong for years.

“We cater to a clientele of professionals with very demanding schedules, so when we select fabrics and upholstery for them, we have to choose things that will be easy to maintain,” Lewis says, directing attention to a master bedroom she designed.

“In this master bedroom, we designed the bedding with real life in mind—kids, pets and all—so that the linen duvet, the matelassé and pillow shams are 100% machine washable,” she says. “In fact, we’ve recently introduced multiple lines of Crypton Home fabrics into our design library, which are stain and liquid repellent. So spills and soils can be blotted up with ease, even on that dreamy white sofa you want, but thought you couldn’t have. A little research will lead you to the technology and the look you really want in your home.”

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