A pair of lamps brightens the showroom at Lamps and Lighting.

Designer tip: Mary Margaret Singer on the transformative power of the lampshade

Despite being a necessity in any and every room, lighting is often left on the back burner as other, more seemingly urgent aspects of a room are tended to. However, according to Lamps & Lighting owner Mary Margaret Singer, lighting should be the first thing you consider when you want to give your favorite room a facelift, especially if you want to do so without breaking the bank.

“My favorite thing to tell everyone is that their old lamp can look brand new with an updated lampshade and finial,” says Singer. “A shade change can be a great and cost-effective transformation to any room.”

A simple change in the color of light reflecting throughout a room has the potential to transform everything from the wall color to the furniture, giving your room an updated feel. While there are safe choices such as neutral linens, Singer suggests bringing your lamp in when picking a shade in order to pick something that seems like a custom fit, rather than a generic choice.

“Lampshade type, color and shape are 100 percent dependent on the lamp itself and the room where it lives. It’s like putting on shoes that go with your outfit,” says Singer. “Sometimes a lamp needs something punchy to really look it’s best!”

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