Photos provided by Karen Giffel

Designer tip: Karen Giffel on master baths and summer spas

Just because you’re too busy for the beach doesn’t mean that you can’t find a little slice of paradise at home. According to Karen Giffel, owner of Karen Giffel Interior Design, the master bath is the perfect room to transform into a peaceful spa, and with not a grain of sand in sight.

“For example, I love to mount vanities so that they’re suspended from the wall,” Giffel says.“It really gives the project clean lines and helps create a spatial or floating effect.”

And in terms of color, less is more. “Black and white is always classic, and grey and white is timeless,” she says. “But brass is making a huge comeback. Other tips include using mirrors to surround the tub, or placing shelving near the tub to store towels and bath salts.”

Giffel also likes to take risks with details, suggesting that decorators let their personal style shine in small touches. “I love to mix it up with tile designs,” she says. “It provides a whimsical touch, but at the end of the day we can leave all of our stress behind and soak it up in the master retreat.”

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