Photo by Melissa Oivanki

Designer tip: Forever home finishes with Jerad Gardemal

When the Dille family set about building and designing a new home for their growing family, they cared about more than just color scheme and construction schematics. In addition to the necessities of a sturdy, stylish home, they wanted to make sure that all that detail would last through the ages.

Stacy Dille, accustomed to building other people’s homes through her firm Briggs Development, thought at first that building one for her own family would be easier, but it wasn’t.

“I actually found it to be more difficult,” she says. “I think part of it was that since we wanted this to be our forever home, I felt the weight of every decision. Would we still like it in 20 years?”

That’s where interior designer Jerad Gardemal of Beth Claybourn Interiors came in.

In a home flowing with classic, easygoing style including French doors, a gallery-style foyer, high ceilings and a mix of salvaged and new materials, Gardemal needed to ensure that any new furniture and finishes remained light and pleasing, but still durable. The furnishings, flooring and countertops in the kitchen, for example, are refined but rugged.

“Faux python-skin upholstered bar stools have a lot of character,” Gardemal said, “but they’re pretty indestructible.”

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