Photo courtesy Cati Hardy

Designer tip: Cati Hardy on avoiding the mass-produced look

These days, with the proliferation of design magazines, Pinterest and even catalogs displaying rooms decorated to perfection with popular brands of pillowcases, sofas and everything in between, finding a unique look for your home can sometimes be difficult. But, says interior designer Cati Hardy, owner of By Design Interiors, every trend has its counter-trend, a way to transform an unassuming space with individual touches to help it stand out from the crowd.

“We find that people nowadays are craving something special to change the look of a room, or to add something unique to a neutral palette,” says Hardy. “Decorative pillows, for example, can lend color and texture to a space and come in a myriad of sizes, styles and fabrics. Look for unique designs featuring over-embroidery, handmade textiles, painted fabrics or embellishments, all of which draw the eye. Modern customers, familiar with a more mass-produced look, now crave things like original indigenous objects, similar in taste to other trends we see in other fields, like artisanal cheese, craft beer or small-batch whisky.”

To learn more about Hardy and her designs, check out her store’s Facebook page or call 225-765-7595.