A balance of different shades of white and grey complete this kitchen and dining area. Photo courtesy Nolan-Kimble Interiors.

Designer tip: Albert Nolan on selecting the right white for your home

As we move further into the 21st century, homes are constantly changing to look more modern and unique. One trend that seems to be here to stay–at least for a while, anyway–is the use of white. But finding the right white and using it in the appropriate way can be difficult, so we asked Albert Nolan of Nolan-Kimble Interiors to give us some tips on how to make whites work for any home.

“Be very careful when selecting whites,” Nolan advises. He notes that white shades can appear to be visually flat, so it’s important to pay attention to undertones. “Extreme whites create an undertone of blue-green, which can sometimes result in a sterile appearance,” he says.

While avoiding extreme whites, Nolan recommends either a warm white or a white that has visual depth. “This will allow your backdrop to be more versatile, giving you a free range in the use of neutral-based textiles.” The color white might seem to be a basic color, but it’s easy to overlook the complexity behind it. “The use of white is what’s in … for now,” says Nolan.

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