Photo courtesy Nolan Kimble Interiors

Designer tip: Albert Nolan on finding colorful inspiration

When designers talk timelessness, they often veer toward the neutral side of artistic palettes—a blank canvas, so to speak, on which homeowners can impart their own tastes and preferences. But what happens when a tested and true method starts to lose its spark? How does someone stay timeless while staying creative?

“Trends are a great inspiration for a designer’s eye,” says Albert Nolan, owner of Nolan Kimble Interiors. “However, sometimes we get stuck following a trend that will date an overall look and hinder it from moving forward. Today’s trend, for example, seems to be the overuse of white and gray with very little color. Although that can look quite nice if appointed correctly, this trend already seems to be fading out. So don’t be afraid of color! It’s all around us in nature, anyway, and it always will be. It brings out depth in design and can bring warmth and richness where we need it most. In my opinion, color is the very basis of inspiration.”

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