Photos courtesy Rachel Cannon.

Designer Rachel Cannon’s top 3 tips for re-imagining a bathroom

Design is constantly changing with the trends. However, it’s important to integrate functional and timeless elements with the new and exciting additions.

Following her recent trip to the Kitchen & Bath Show in Las Vegas, designer Rachel Cannon of Rachel Cannon Limited has three go-to tips for striking the perfect balance between modern and classic details in the bathroom:

1. Incorporate as much storage as possible.

In a bathroom, the items needed are not always the most glamorous. From countless skincare products to hair tools to a back stock of toilet paper, it’s best to keep the surfaces as clutter free as possible. To do so, Cannon suggests using cabinetry in a way that will best suit your needs by laying out what you will be doing in each area during the design process.

“When we’re designing a master bathroom, it’s important to find ways to create useful but beautiful niches that are both intentional and functional for the client,” she says. “I’m a fan of shallow upper cabinets in a bathroom, which we recess into the wall so that the space that is taken up on the countertop is minimal. Think medicine cabinet, but with a major upgrade.”

2. Plan a hierarchy of scale with tile.

To create a bathroom with dimension, using multiple tiles is absolutely crucial. However, when it comes to making sure the different shapes and colors complement each other, rather than compete, it can get tricky. For Cannon, the key is working with different sizes to deliver a layered and textured look.

“A hierarchy of scale is key when using tile combinations,” explains Cannon. “We usually have two to three different tiles in one room, so the key to making them look cohesive is to stagger the scale.”

Here is Cannon’s tile size key:

  • Start with mosaics. Those should be the smallest.
  • The next size should be a 4 x 6-inch tile to use on the shower walls.
  • Finally, the biggest tile might be a 12 x 24-inch style that would work well on the floor.

3. Say goodbye to jetted tubs, and say hello to air massage tubs.

Jetted tubs collect grime and create mold. The solution? The air massage tub.

“Air massage tubs create gentle bubbles and massage effects without the disgusting mold or mildew that jetted tubs are so prone to,” Cannon says.

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