Photos courtesy Sara Abercrombie

Go green with natural elements to enliven interior decor

Incorporating elements from nature is an easy way to bring warmth and comfort into any home. We spoke to Sara Abercrombie of Abercrombie Designs to discuss the appeal of adding natural touches to our décor.

“Materials such as raffia, cane, wood, stone, leather, and even live plants are elements of nature that create depth and texture,” Abercrombie says.

Timeless and inviting, natural accessories span a wide range of colors and textures, making them suitable for any design theme. For centuries across the globe, organic touches of nature have allowed people to achieve a serene and welcoming ambiance enjoyed by the homeowner and visitors alike.

Abercrombie says the color green–one of nature’s most prolific hues–evokes different feelings in a home depending on which shade you choose. “Think ‘new-born green’ for spring as a sign of new growth and hope,” she says. “Dark moody green evokes a feeling of warmth and permanence. Color combinations that work in nature will appear effortless in your home.”

Or when all else fails, just gather a bushel of sprigs and blooms from just outside your door. The possibilities literally renew themselves year after year.

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