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Here’s how a billionaire combined soft touches with modernist overtures in a Bel-Air mansion

After selling his billion-dollar company to Paypal in 2020, George Raun, founder of the popular coupon browser extension Honey, purchased an opulent but unfinished $60 million Bel-Air home with views of both the mountains and the sea. After completing the home with Los Angeles architecture firm Woods + Dangaran, Raun has since placed the estate back on the market, this time for for a cool $150 million

While a modernist home—not to mention one complete with infinity pools, marble-accented closets and staff quarters—isn’t typical for architecture in Louisiana, there are a few ways to achieve a similar aesthetic in your home. We spoke to Dustin Rousseau, an architectural associate at DNA Workshop, to get his perspective on the design.




Check out more photos of the Bel-Air estate below: