Photos courtesy Trends by Design.

Three easy ways to upgrade the styling of your bed

Pillows and duvets and quilts, oh my! If you’re anything like us, you may feel the need to refresh your bedding set with the change of the seasons, whether it’s switching silk sheets for jersey or exchanging simple pillowcases for something a bit more dramatic. Trends by Design owner Ashlyn Elofson offered us three different ways to turn our bedding from a total snooze fest to a revamped space that will have us snuggled into serenity (just five more minutes can’t hurt, right?).

First, to achieve a polished look, Elofson says less is not more. Mixing textures and blanket weights (aka throws and duvets) not only creates a more finished appearance but also gives you options, allowing you to easily customize the covers based on body and house temperature.

“A coverlet with a folded duvet is the easiest way to get this layered look,” says Elofson. “You can mix textures to create interest, like combining a ribbed coverlet with a sateen duvet.”

In terms of color, there’s nothing more any-season-friendly than hotel whites. Elofson notes that keeping the base of your bedding clean and crisp is the best way to switch up your accent colors when things are feeling a little tired in the bedroom.

“We prefer white bedding for a nice clean look, and then we can add in color with your coverlet and or pillows,” she says. “This way you can change your look without having to replace all of your bedding.”

And now onto the fun part: pillows. This is where you can really highlight your style. “Layering your pillows and continuing to combine textures in the pillows you select is the perfect way to personalize your bed,” says Elofson.

Now, if you need us, we’ll be napping under the covers.