Thomas Tip of the Week: The wow factor, sponsored by Thomas Building Co.

Choosing the right wall finish improves the aesthetics of your entire home and turns plain spaces into stunning works of art. Learn more about the importance of choosing the proper aesthetic treatment for your opulent home design. 

Choose textured wallpaper to give your walls depth. They will look like pieces of art as a result of these textures’ sense of grandeur and refinement. Accent walls or focal points made of stone or brick should be integrated. Exposed brickwork and natural stones like marble, travertine, or granite give the space a majestic feel and a connection to classic luxury. Use metallic finishes like gold, silver, or bronze to add a hint of glitz and elegance. Metallic paints, wallpapers, or even metallic tiles used sparingly can give your home a wow factor. Call Thomas Building Company today to add some sparkle to your home.