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A trainer shares her unexpected tips for getting fit for summer fun

Anna Blackstone. Photo by Thurman and Torrence Thomas.

Personal trainer Anna Blackstone, owner of women’s training and wellness studio Modern Belle, has made a living helping women get their bodies into shape for whatever life throws at them. But according to Blackstone, it goes much deeper than just crunches and push-ups. For her, fitness concerns the mind just as much as it does the body.

“We focus on the clients’ needs in all aspects, whether it’s exercise, nutrition or active recovery,” Blackstone says. “When walking through the doors of Modern Belle, it’s hard not to sense the presence of its mission for the female body: to be elegant, powerful and beautiful.”

In anticipation of the warmer months ahead, we reached out to Blackstone for her top tips for getting fit—body and mind. Read on for all her insight.

1. Mental health is health.

Blackstone emphasizes the importance of taking the time to care for your mental health. She does this by meditating for five minutes each morning, but mentions that being proactive in your mental health can look different for everyone. “This could be something as simple as closing your eyes and focusing on your breath work,” she says. “Focusing on your breathing can help you feel grounded and less anxious throughout your day.”


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2. Build on the basics and stay consistent.

The fundamentals are important, so start slow and stay consistent. Blackstone makes it a priority to get her daily intake of water in order to stay hydrated, for example. It may seem small, but consistency is key to forming lifelong healthy habits. “Choose to make the daily decision to make your health a priority,” says Blackstone.

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3. Make time for movement.

“Plan a weekly movement schedule,” says Blackstone. “Exercise doesn’t have to be a trip to the gym every day or running a hard two miles.” Doing more than your body can take right off the bat is going to hurt and make you lose motivation. “It could be something as easy as walking 20 minutes after dinner every evening,” says Blackstone.

4. Connect.

“Stay connected to your active friends over the summer,” says Blackstone. Hiring a personal trainer is also a great way to stay motivated since you have someone who knows what they’re doing and can help you stay consistent in your workouts with scheduled sessions and workout plans. “These are the people who will help hold you accountable to stay active in a fun and loving way,” Blackstone adds.

Photo courtesy Modern Belle

5. Take time to relax and recover.

Rest is super important to healing your body and making sure you’re well enough to do your workouts. It’s okay to take a break and enjoy some time with the people you love. “Did you know that keeping a bedtime on a regular bases can help you stay a healthy weight?” says Blackstone.

This article was originally published in a May 2022 edition of the inRegister@Home newsletter.