My Favorite Things: Stacey Moore

Stacey Moore on right pls crop
Moore, on right

Registered nurse and owner of Moore Care, Caregiver Services

Guilty pleasure: A shampoo and blowout, just because

Place for lunch: New Orleans on Friday afternoon with my friends

Way to spend a Saturday morning: Sitting at the kitchen island with coffee, kids and the morning paper

Way to spend $20: A new scented Nest candle

Baton Rouge experience or attraction: The Shaw Center—all it offers and the view from the top floors

Way to get myself moving in the morning: Two cups of Community coffee, morning devotion and exercise

Childhood memory: Afternoons at the stable with my horse, Skip

Song on my iPod: “All of Me” by John Legend

Item in my wardrobe: White jeans. I can’t get enough of them.

Way to unwind: A great book; or a walk with Zsa Zsa, our rescued dog from YELP!

Time of year: Fall. Too bad it’s the shortest season in Louisiana.

Website to kill some time: and

Book: Outliers by Malcom Gladwell

Concert I ever attended: John Mayer at Baton Rouge River Center

Perfume: Mademoiselle by Chanel

Place to have a shopping spree: Worth Avenue Palm Beach, Florida

Excuse to indulge: Any day that ends in Y

Baton Rouge’s best entrée: Chilean Sea Bass and Fois Gras at Sushi Yama

Most treasured possession: My wedding ring and all that it represents

My motto for life: “All it takes is all you’ve got.”