Photo by Jenn Ocken

From the November issue: Dazzling dinner parties

It might seem as though the dinner party is a thing of the past–a quaint relic from the days of Betty Crocker cookbooks and inviting the boss over. The ubiquitous come-and-go cocktail parties reflect the casual revolution that has consumed us all.

But a growing number of Baton Rougeans are finding the fun in welcoming friends to gather around the table for an evening of cuisine and conversation. These hostesses delight in the details: delicate flower arrangements, scripted place cards, carefully planned menu courses. And in the cover story from inRegister’s November 2015 issue, three of these dinner party dynamos are sharing their secrets with you.

From hints on seating, party playlists and pairing flavors, plus a few of their favorite recipes, read the article by writer Maggie Heyn Richardson. And pick up the November issue, available on newsstands now, for even more tips and behind-the-scenes photos.