Photo by Jordan Hefler

New stadium seating gives LSU fans a front-row view of the action

LSU football season is heating up again, with this Saturday seeing Tiger Stadium deliver our first true home game of the year—and this time, it will feature a little-known perk for the sport’s die-hard fans. Take a look along the sidelines and you may see the lucky bunch taking advantage of field-level loge seating, an enclosed area described by LSU Athletics as “a four-person table-style seating with breathable mesh seats that are designed to keep fans cool, even on the hottest days.”

The $300 tickets for the northwest corner spots are only sold on a game-by-game basis and must be requested via an online form, which will then be sent to the ticket office. Even though this year’s special seating tickets began to sell out after the late July deadline, fans can look forward to upcoming seasons filled with just as much opportunity for an up-close-and-personal perspective on the game.

The view from new field-level loge seating. Photo courtesy LSU Athletics.

“The first row of the north end zone gives fans a perspective unlike any other,” says Brian Broussard, associate athletics director for ticket sales and operations. “Our student section is behind these seats, so you absolutely feel the excitement of Tiger Stadium at its peak. In addition, you are in the front row, and players who score touchdowns in that area have been known to celebrate with fans in the front row. It’s a super exciting experience that feels as if you are on the field, but with the comfort of a table and swivel chair to enjoy the game.”

Maybe you don’t need to be the first members of the crowd to watch the Tigers emerge from the tunnel onto the field, but still want to know more about the beating heart of Death Valley. In that case, fans can sign up for new stadium tours also offered to the public by the LSU Athletic Department, with tours taking place Monday through Friday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. each day (except for Wednesday tours, which begin at 9 a.m.). As part of the experience, fans will be able to walk through the Jeff Boss Locker Room used by the Tigers themselves, experience the feeling of emerging from the tunnel, and touch the iconic “WIN” bar for a dose of good luck, plus tour the Bill Lawton trophy and memorabilia room, the “Ready Room,” and the North Stadium plaques display featuring the team’s national award-winners.

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