Photo by Kimberly Dawsey

From the June issue: Local families dive deep for big adventure

Family vacations often have the reputation of being more trouble than they’re worth, especially when children are involved. But a growing number of Baton Rouge families are taking the plunge into diving vacations off some the world’s most beautiful coasts.

In the presence of the Philippines’ deadly blue-ringed octopi or the Flower Gardens’ coral forests, these families forgo the arguments of road trips for the speechlessness of the sea.

“My children have experienced so many things in their travels—from my oldest’s first steps on a beach in Honduras to our latest family trip to the Philippines,” says Kimberly Dawsey, manager of family-owned Seven Seas Dive Shop. “I can only hope that others would be able to experience half of the delight of family travel that I have.”

To learn more about these families’ adventurous trips to scuba locations around the world, check out the article from the June issue of inRegister, available on newsstands now.