Bridge enthusiasts gather each month at City Club. Photo by Frank McMains.

From the July issue: The game of bridge draws City Club crowds

The last Monday of every month sees the second floor of the City Club in a surprising hub of activity. Following generations of players who have come before them, the members of a local contract bridge club meet to test their skills at the mind-challenging card game, making bids to exercise memory, visualization and sequencing.

“It’s one of the best things we can do to prevent memory loss,” says Connie Hester, bridge director at City Club, “because the entire time you have to pay attention and count and remember every card that’s been played.”

With every match sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League, every player vies for the most masterpoints, which, if collected en-masse, could earn them the same prestige as bridge player Mary Morton, a Life Master.

“It’s a constant learning experience,” says Morton, 61. “And really, when you think you’ve learned something, I’m telling you, there’s 20,000 things you haven’t learned.”

To learn more about the game and the people who tackle it, check out our article in the July issue, available on newsstands now.