Our vibrant March cover showcased Mediterranean cuisine. Photo by Sveta Zarzamora.

ICYMI: Reader favorite stories from March

Is it just us or are the months flying by? It seems like Christmas just ended, but now summer is right around the corner. In an attempt to slow down time, we took a look back at some of the most-clicked stories from the inRegister website in March. Click the titles below to read the full stories:

Photo by Joey Bordelon.

5. Modern manners: Red Stick Refinement teaches the art of etiquette

April Palombo Setliff is changing the face of manners in the Capital City. By hosting etiquette classes that place an emphasis on interpersonal engagement and the harmful impact of the online realm, Setliff is hoping to preserve old-fashioned manners through modern practice. Read the full story here.

Photo via A Beautiful Mess.

4. Simple spring cleaning tips from South Coast Organizers

2019 will go down in history as the year spring cleaning became the hottest trend. Thanks to Marie Kondo, most everyone has spent the last few months questioning if any and every item in the closet sparks joy. To help on the purging journey, we reached out to South Coast Organizers for some go-to tips, as well as an easy-to-follow checklist. Read the full story here.

Photo courtesy Holly Clegg.

3. Holly Clegg battles stomach cancer with a positive spirit

March is inRegister’s annual food issue, and local cookbook author and chef Holly Clegg is almost always a part of it. However, this year, her role was different than in years past. This year, Clegg recounted the story of her battle with stomach cancer, as well as how she maintains her sunny outlook on life despite her diagnosis. Read the full story here.

Photo by Laurey Glen.

2. A few of my favorite things: Designers share items in their homes that spark joy

What do designers hold dear? We reached out to a few of our favorites to learn what makes their houses homes. Their responses might surprise you. Read the full story here.

Photo by Collin Richie.

1. Mediterranean on the Mississippi: Locals preserve their Lebanese culture through cuisine

Our March cover was graced by the colorful food of the Mediterranean. From grape leaves to kibbeh, the cover story delves into the history behind the dishes and the significance they continue to have in the lives of locals of Lebanese descent. Read the full story here.

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