The front (right) and back (left) of the Sapienza family Christmas card, by Macie Morgan Creations.

Get creative with this year’s Christmas Card

While many are thinking thankful thoughts, there’s only one thing on our minds: receiving the first Christmas cards of the season. Opening that first custom card on a cold (or in Louisiana’s case, unusually warm) day is something Southerners look forward to every holiday season. But with that in mind, we have high expectations for our own cards this season.

“I love to create a card that has a staged photo in color or black and white on the front and then a candid or silly image on the back,” says Macie Morgan of custom stationery company Macie Morgan Creations. “I think that always makes the card more fun to receive in the mail, and I can switch up the traditional Christmas messaging to something like ‘Laughing All the Way’ or a personal favorite from previous years for growing families, ‘The More the Merrier.'”

Morgan also predicts that bright, solid colors will be the trend this year in the holiday card scene. She plans to use hot pink, bright red, light blue and lime green instead of traditional Christmas colors to add some personality and style to cards.

“Paper thickness and texture are also becoming very important aspects for my clients. I always print my cards on double thick, ultra white, smooth paper,” Morgan says. “I know it seems like a small detail, but the quality, thickness and texture of the paper can really elevate a card.”

So get creative with your card this Christmas season by showing off your family’s unique personality. And remember, it’ll be a keepsake to look back on for years to come.