Ann Connelly (right) and her mother Seika sit near a massive oak tree outside Connelly's studio. Photo by Jeannie Frey Rhodes.

From the April issue: Gallerist Ann Connelly brings beauty to Baton Rouge

For Ann Connelly, owner of Ann Connelly Fine Art, the act of fitting a space with a work of art is not as simple as it may seem. She considers the responsibility to be emotionally charged, offering her an opportunity to spark a feeling in all those who will eventually pass through the space.

Her attitude toward her creative role has led her to art curation for places like Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center and the upcoming Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital. What she refers to as “beautiful distractions” are the pieces that she says help ease the mind and take attention away from stressful life events.

“What a fun job this is, because it is so important,” Connelly says. “The artist has to have something to say, and the work has to match that narrative. In the healing arts, that’s everything.”

Throughout the years, Connelly has also extended her reach by connecting with young local talent. She has represented a variety of artists since 1990, helping creatives find success and helping the community see the value in the arts and the importance of arts education. 

“If you’re in this business, you’re not just in it for business,” Connelly says. “You’re in it for what an artist can help us discover, either personally or as a society, and you’re in it for all the ways that we can connect.”

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