My favorite things: Kolby Tullier

Photo by Collin Richie


Owner/CEO, Body Mechanics Personal Fitness


TV show



Way to spend $20


My Fave Things KT-movie copy


Class in high school



Baton Rouge experience or attraction

Saturday night in Tiger Stadium


Childhood memory

Watching sports with my dad


Song on my iPod

Anything by Drake


Locale for date night



Item in my wardrobe

Lululemon Athletica jacket


Way to unwind

Hitting golf balls


Website to kill some time

Titleist Performance Institute (


Concert I ever attended

Justin Timberlake





Place to have a shopping spree


Out-of-town destination

Trump National Golf Club, Jupiter, Florida



Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell

My Fave Things KT-book copy


Most treasured possession

PGA Tour credentials


Talent I wish I had

Dunk a basketball


My motto for life

Trust the process, do the work, and results will come