Photo by Collin Richie

My favorite things: Celeste Gill

Chef at Chef Celeste Bistro

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate

Place for lunch: Buffalo Wild Wings near the LSU campus

Way to spend a Saturday morning: Cooking

Way to spend $20: Eyeliner

Baton Rouge experience or attraction: Red Stick Farmers Market

Way to get myself moving in the morning: Music

Item in my wardrobe: Black anything

Book: Personality Plus by Florence Littauer

Way to unwind: Glass of red wine

Concert I ever attended: Prince

Place for a manicure/pedicure: Who has time for that?

Perfume: Burberry

Excuse to indulge: Hard work

Out-of-town destination: Jamaica

Hidden talent: Art

Childhood memory: Watching Justin Wilson

Most treasured possession: Children

Idea of perfect happiness: Peace