Fossil Series, 2023 Mary Singleton. Mixed Media on Canvas 48x60 in. Inquire for pricing.

Exploring bright botanicals of artist Mary Singleton

A new series of bright botanical paintings by artist Mary Singleton brings vibrant colors with her signature contemporary touch. The New Orleans artist received her BFA from LSU and has ties with many local arts organizations, including the Shaw Center for the Arts, the Walls Project and The Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, to name a few.

“Painting is simply my reaction to the world,” Singleton says. “The body of work I’ve created in the past year is a direct reaction to the city of New Orleans and a love letter to the land it is built on.”


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That land, of course, is not always kind to the city. Its below-sea-level status has pushed the city into innovation in order to continue to flourish. However, despite the challenges, its natural surroundings are one of the many things that make the city memorable.

“Nature is a hauntingly wild force that New Orleans has had to learn to coexist with,” she explains on her website. “Both beneficial and contentious, the surrounding water has taken life and given it. It is with respect and awe of this beautiful force that I seek to create a dialogue between the city and its natural surroundings.”

Currently available through Ann Connelly Fine Art Gallery, a few of her pieces can be seen in person during normal gallery hours or by appointment on Tuesdays. For more information about Singleton and her work, visit her website here.