Emily Sternberg-Schoeman, Chloe Searchinger and Rachel Posner left fear behind for their hike up Devil’s Bridge in Sedona. Photo courtesy Rachel Posner.

Tag along for a trip across the country with these travel-inspired stories from our June issue

While the beginnings of COVID-19 brought a halt to travel, our Capital Area locals could not sit still for long. With adventurous spirits, these trailblazers took any opportunity to bring the Louisiana party across the country—from coast to coast and everywhere in the middle. Take a trip down the page to see a few of our travel-inspired stories from the new June issue of inRegister.

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Homeward Bound

Moving your daughter into graduate school across the continent turned out to be the perfect excuse to take a cross-country motorcycle tour of the United States—at least for Daryl Ellis. A direct route to British Columbia turned into an extensive trip home across the diverse topography of 10 states. Read about the full adventure here.

Photo courtesy Bill Bush.

A Day at the Races

Leave it to the LSU super fans to make a purple-and-gold fashion statement anywhere at any time. The Baton Rouge-based Bush brothers brought a taste of Louisiana pride—along with an iconic LSU-themed suit moment—to their childhood home of Louisville for the Kentucky Derby. By no surprise, the quartet quickly gained attention and praise by Tiger fans and rivals alike. Read all about it here.

Photo courtesy Rachel Posner.

Distance Learning

Experiences often offer a kind a learning that cannot be attained in a classroom, especially when you trade in distanced learning for a three-month road trip across the country. For Episcopal High School graduate and Princeton University student Rachel Poser, a gap year was just what she needed to gain a new mindset before returning to school post-pandemic. Read about all of the details in our story here.

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