Photo by Wil Norwood

Cover Story: Mystic Krewe of Achilles

As a spoof on the formal presentations of traditional Mardi Gras balls, a group of men created Mystic Krewe of Achilles more than 60 years ago. And it’s been one fun ride after another since then. Tableaux are often satirical and few topics are truly off limits. And membership in this krewe—unlike most—is invitation only, with 165 in Achilles but more than 1,200 in attendance. This year’s ball will be held on January 21 with the nationally acclaimed, Atlanta-based Party on the Moon providing entertainment after the show. “The theme is different each year and is based on current events and cultural trends,” says Otey White, president of Achilles this year. “The costumes and characters portrayed are always outside the box, and some have been downright legendary.”