Shelbi Wambles, owner and founder of Cher Fête, a children's party rental business. Photos courtesy Cher Fête.

From tiny chairs to themed crafts, this new business wants to take kids’ parties to the next level

If there’s one thing Shelbi Wambles knows, it’s how to host a fun party. So when her sons came into her life and her seven-year teaching career came to a close, she knew exactly what to pursue next: party planning.

Her new party planning venture, Cher Fête, is strictly designed for children. Providing everything from linens and chairs to activities and games for birthday bashes all around the Capital City, the venture allows parents and party guests to enjoy the day without any stress.

Scroll down to read more about Shebli Wambles and her journey creating Cher Fête.

What was your reason for starting the business? When did you open, and how has it grown or changed since then?

Party design by Seaux Darling Design, chairs and table provided by Cher Fête.

“I started Cher Fête out of a love for party planning and hosting, especially for my two little boys’ parties! I love picking a theme and getting to be creative with all of the details to match it. My sister-in-law, who lives out of state, runs a similar business and I have always wanted to bring it to Baton Rouge. When I took a step away from teaching this past fall, I knew it was the perfect time to start Cher Fête.

My first booking was in October 2023, and I have been amazed at how quickly it has grown in just six months. When I started, I was exclusively renting the kids’ tables, chairs and linens. However, I quickly discovered that I had the most fun when I was able to plan the details and come up with coordinating activities for the kids. That, matched with a desire from parents to have more of their party needs planned and provided for them, led me to create the different packages and add-on options that range from adding on a craft for the kids to providing complete tablescape planning and set up.”

What sets Cher Fête apart?

“Cher Fête provides special spots just for the littles to sit. Children light up when they see tables and chairs their own size decorated and beautifully set just like the grown-ups! I believe having their own size-appropriate seating is just a small way to make them feel seen and heard, which is something I am very passionate about. I also get to work with the adults, hear their ideas and vision, and create a fun activity or craft for the kids to do at the party or event. My favorite part of teaching was planning creative, hands-on activities for my students, and I get to continue that through Cher Fête!”

What are some of your best-selling products?

“Cher Fête’s most popular rentals are by far the Emma and Ellis chairs. They are irresistibly cute! Clients are also loving our pink and blue buffalo check linen options.”

Can you share a hint of anything new and exciting Cher Fête has planned?

“Since starting Cher Fête, one of the biggest questions I get is if I have seating options for older kids. Our current chair rentals are great for age one to about eight or nine years old. Well, the people have been heard! I recently added tables that extend to ‘big kid’ and adult height, and the chairs are coming soon. Cher Fête is about to be ready for those upper elementary, teen and even adult parties.”

What is one thing customers should know about Cher Fête that they may not be aware of?

“The complete packages are a one-stop shop! I think because these are a newer option, people may not realize we offer them, but they are a dream for anyone who wants all of the work done for them. We have three different main package options (with many add-ons). The Kids’ Table packages include table(s), chairs, linens (tablecloth and runner), and complete place settings to match your colors/theme. A complete place setting includes plates, napkins, cups, cutlery and a charger or placemat. The Queen Bee package includes all of the above plus a centerpiece and craft. And finally, The Queen Mother package includes everything from The Queen Bee plus delivery and set up by me.

Another thing people may not know, especially if they’re not from Louisiana, is how to properly pronounce ‘Cher Fête!’ The correct pronunciation is ‘Sha-Fet’ as opposed to ‘chair feet,’ although we do have adorable chair feet! ‘Cher’ is Louisianian for ‘cute/sweet’ and ‘fête’ is French for party.”

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