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Back to bliss: Pamper yourself to ring in the school year

Despite the ever-increasing temperatures throughout the Baton Rouge area, the beginning of August denotes the end of summer, as kids–and parents–prepare for the beginning of the new school year. While the past months have allowed for fun together, you deserve a little vacation just for you, and what better way to recharge than with a treatment from a local spa. Baton Rouge boasts several meccas of relaxation, all of which offer unique experiences to help you escape the stresses of the every day. Here are just a few ideas:

Woodhouse Spa‘s signature 110-minute service, “The Woodhouse Escape,” aims to re-align and rejuvenate the entire body through seven specialized treatments, including a body scrub, hot stone massage, and reflexology on the feet.

Take a trip to the Caribbean with Paris Parker‘s hour-long “Caribbean Therapy Body Treatment,” which brings the island to Baton Rouge with a full-body exfoliation and seaweed wrap, followed by a scalp massage and relaxing shower.

If you are in need of some nail TLC, Bumble Lane‘s “A Beautiful Journey” is a three-hour experience which includes a spa manicure and pedicure, followed by a restorative facial.

Le Roche Bleu Day Spa offers the ultimate restorative treatment with its 90-minute “Treasures of the Earth and Sea,” which blends 14th-century Thai herbal practices with Swedish massage techniques to sooth and recharge the body’s energy channels.

The motto for this month is “treat yourself” because you have definitely earned it.