A young woman in Madagascar looks at her photo. Photo by Taylor Hart.

From the August issue: Photos worth a thousand words

From a table at a Baton Rouge restaurant to the remote villages of Bugiri, Buwini, Nankoma and more, photographers Nathan Dewberry and Aaron Wilson are bringing their philanthropic dream to life as they travel across Africa photographing villagers as part of their Go Love Africa campaign. While Americans might take dozens of selfies per day and snap countless photos on family vacations, for many African villagers, the opportunity to own a single photo of themselves is priceless.

“We just wanted these people to be able to look at a time when they were happy, or just to go back and see their face and to have the ability to pass it on for generations,” says Williams. “Kids can see what their grandparents looked like, what their parents looked like.”

The group’s latest journey will take them to Kenya in September. To learn more about the Go Love Africa mission, check out this story from the August issue of inRegister, on newsstands now.