The 4-1-1 on Collegiate Advisory Placement Service


Collegiate Advisory Placement Service LLC is an independent educational consulting firm offering services to families as they plan for the educational future of their students. Nancy W. Cadwallader, CEP, has been a member of the Collegiate Advisory Placement Service team since it was founded. She received her BFA from Sophie Newcomb College of Tulane University and her MFA from Tulane University.


Four fun facts


1. Nancy started her business in 1984 with her mother. They used their extensive experiences in the volunteer sector on over 500 college campuses serving in student and campus leadership organizations and activities.


Nancy W. Cadwallader, CEP

2. Nancy travels throughout the United States and abroad visiting colleges, boarding schools and therapeutic programs getting to know their curriculum, people and admissions criteria. She also travels to conferences throughout the country to stay current with admissions trends for colleges and boarding schools. Nancy also serves as a presenter and moderator at workshops and conferences on a variety of subjects.


3. Nancy works with many international families relocating to Louisiana for employment. She assists them in placing their children in day schools . She has met many delightful families from around the world and learned about their countries while helping them learn about the U.S. educational system and Louisiana.


4. A Certified Educational Consultant, Nancy has credentials! To maintain certification every five years, she visits many schools to earn Certified Educational Units (CEUs) as well as perform other tasks to be re-certified.


One thing you didn’t know they offered

• Collegiate Advisory Placement Service can assist families with therapeutic placements including young adults’ failure to launch programs.


One reason you should come in soon

• Nancy can help your student in researching choices for summer enrichment, summer school make-up or summer advancement programs.



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