Cover image by Jordan Hefler.

Peek into 225’s August 2021 and Tiger Pride issues ahead of football season

In any football-loving town, the holiday season kicks off not when the temperature drops and grocery stores start selling carving pumpkins by the crate, but when a certain hum begins to vibrate around the parking lot of the local football stadium. For Louisiana, that means celebrating one of the most beloved sports teams in the SEC, starting with cheering on the Tigers in their first home game of the season when they face off against McNeese State University on September 11.

If you’ve been following inRegister for a while, you’d know that we’re all about the fashion and fun that comes with the LSU season. But there’s so much more we could never include in a single issue. That’s why we’re turning to our sister magazine 225’s August 2021 and Tiger Pride issues before the month ends, flipping through stories about all things food, travel, key players—anything you need to know about LSU and Southern University football ahead of the first kickoff.

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