Photos by Jeannie Frey Rhodes

2019 Best Dressed: Honorees walk the runway for a cause

They are doctors and business owners, stay-at-home parents and tech gurus. What do the 20 men and women on the following pages have in common? They are all standing up for a singular cause—to support the American Cancer Society in its quest to defeat every form of cancer. As honorees for the 52nd annual Baton Rouge Best Dressed Ball, they are passionate about ACS’s work to help people stay well, get well and fight back through education and early detection, free patient services, and cutting-edge research. With our eyes on this year’s ball, which will take place August 10 at the Raising Cane’s River Center, inRegister asked the honorees to share a little more about their own personal style as well as how cancer has impacted them.

Principal consultant, FirstNet/AT&T

My style in five words or less: Sassy, over-the-top, bright

Fashion inspiration: My mother. She is the original fashionista of our family and has a style that is uniquely hers.

Favorite designer: Zara. It’s fashion forward yet affordable.

Daily uniform: A power suit and pumps

Weekend ensemble: A comfortable day dress and wedges

Handbag of choice: Senreve Maestra bag

Prized possession: My diamond cross. It’s made with the diamonds from my dad’s original wedding band.

Most splurge-worthy item: Quality skincare products. SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex is one of my favorites.

Worst fashion memory: Ultra-low-rise “hip hugger” jeans

If no one were looking, I’d wear: My husband’s basketball shorts

 Fashion motto: Glamour never takes a day off.

“My cousin Bridgett Denicola fought for seven years but ultimately lost her battle with breast cancer. Her 19-year-old daughter Paige has become like a daughter/sister to me, so I see the impact this disease has on the patient and the family they leave behind.”


My style in five words or less: Classic, business, casual, timeless, upscale, professional most of the time

Fashion inspiration: Mike & Suzanne Edmonson and J.Hilburn

Daily uniform: Sport coat with jeans or slacks

Weekend ensemble: Shorts and dress shirt

Prized possession: 56 Cruiser yacht (my decompression time)

Piece I skimp on: Normally nothing

Last thing I purchased: 2019 Ford F-250

What I’m looking for now: Bigger boat—69 feet

Worst fashion memory: My girlfriend made me wear a bathing suit with her photo on it.

If no one were looking, I’d wear: No shirt, no shoes, no problem.

Signature fragrance: Polo Black

Must-have product: Obsessed with sport coats

Favorite footwear: Johnston & Murphy

Fashion motto: Look professional. It helps you act professional.

“Although she beat breast cancer, Vickie Hidalgo is one of the most courageous people I know. She attacked her cancer like it attacked her. She is a hero.”

Physical therapist

My style in five words or less: Polished and classy, feminine and chic

Fashion inspiration: J Lo has been amazing on the runway lately, but my go-tos are Blake Lively and Olivia Palermo.

Favorite designer: Right now, I am loving Zimmerman’s recent runways, but my all-time favorite is Oscar de la Renta. My grandmother introduced me to him as her “boyfriend” when I was 5 and now I know why!

Daily uniform: Since it has to be scrubs, it has to be FIGS.

Weekend ensemble: Always something comfortable since it most likely involves something outdoors with my kids

Go-to pair of denim: MOTHER. Who would have thought I would say mom jeans, but they are amazing.

Prized possession: My wedding ring

Most splurge-worthy item: A good bag

Wouldn’t be caught dead in: A string or cheeky bikini

Worst fashion memory: The puffy paint and appliquéd T-shirts that my mom used to make me

If no one were looking, I’d wear: My husband’s old T-shirts

Must-have product: Kevin Murphy anti-gravity spray and roller brush

Favorite footwear: If I can’t be in my slippers, I choose Dee Keller.

Handbag of choice: Every woman needs a classic Chanel.

Best fashion advice I’ve received: If you feel good in it, you will look good in it!

Fashion motto: “Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.” –Giorgio Armani

“My mom was diagnosed at the age of 53 with breast cancer, and my dad was diagnosed in 2012 with prostate cancer. Fortunately, both of my parents live to tell a happy ending to this journey.”

Geaux Limeaux/Mel’s Carwash Express & Detail

My style in five words or less: Fun, colorful, trendy, modern and unique

Fashion inspiration: Terry Crews, Nick Cannon (minus the turban)

Favorite designer: Robert Graham

Daily uniform: Jeans, blazer and crisp button-up

Prized possession: Father’s blue diamond cufflinks

Most splurge-worthy item: Robert Graham limited 1 of 1 blazer

Piece I skimp on: Handkerchief

Last thing I purchased: Custom suit from Brown & Brown Clothiers

Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Button-down short-sleeve under my blazer

Worst fashion memory: Brown polyester suit which I wore every other week

If no one were looking, I’d wear: Sweats every day

Signature fragrance: Escape by Calvin Klein

Must-have product: No-show socks

Favorite footwear: Cole Haan

Best fashion advice I’ve received: Belt has to match your shoes, and never button the bottom button when wearing your coat or blazer.

Fashion motto: Fresh, no mess.

“My mother, father, sister and niece all died from cancer.”


My style in five words or less: Feminine, comfortable, casual

Fashion inspiration: Fun shopping trip with friends, spending the day looking at new trends and incorporating them into my closet

Favorite designer: Maybe Carolina Herrera. I don’t really have a “go-to” designer.

Daily uniform: Ha, well, pretty basic: Lululemon leggings and tennis shoes

Weekend ensemble: Jeans, a cute top and sneakers

Go-to pair of denim: Frame and Hudson

Most splurge-worthy item: Skincare products

If no one were looking, I’d wear: My bathrobe

Signature fragrance: I alternate between several Jo Malone fragrances.

Favorite footwear: Cute, comfy sneakers

Handbag of choice: Chanel

Best fashion advice I’ve received: Acquire pieces you love rather than settle on things that are just good enough. I’m still working on that. I do tend to impulse buy.

“Cancer has taken more than a dozen people from our family.”

Nonprofit executive

My style in five words or less: Classic with a little adventure

Fashion inspiration: Katherine and Audrey Hepburn—power and grace

Favorite designer: Carolina Herrera

Daily uniform: Dresses to outdoor wear, depending on my schedule—office, boat or birding

Weekend ensemble: Jeans and a fun top for daytime, and a little dressy for a night out

Prized possession: Black Prada purse

Piece I skimp on: Statement jewelry to add pop to an outfit

Last thing I purchased: Cocktail dress. Can’t pass up a beautiful design.

Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Flared cropped pants

Worst fashion memory: Being tall, I could never find long enough pants when I was a kid. Thus, today’s fear of flared cropped pants.

If no one were looking, I’d wear: My Artemis crown

Signature fragrance: Jo Malone Red Roses

Must-have product: Bb Straight

Handbag of choice: Jimmy Choo

Best fashion advice I’ve received: Dress like what you want to be.

Fashion motto: There is no such thing as overdressed.

“A teenage girl, asked what she missed the most by being bedridden, said, ‘The sound of a breeze through the leaves of a tree.’ To this day, I always stop to enjoy that sound and think of her.”

Pediatric orthopedic surgeon

My style in five words or less: Relaxed business casual

Fashion inspiration: My dad taught me that clothes don’t make a man, but clothes have got many a man a good job. A well-tied tie is one of the first lessons a man should learn.

Favorite designer: John’s Crazy Socks—a teenager with Down Syndrome who started a sock company. Proceeds support the Special Olympics.

Daily uniform: Coat and tie or scrubs, depending on the agenda

Weekend ensemble: Comfortable, kid-chasin’ workout clothes

Go-to pair of denim: AG Jeans

Prized possessions: My four children and beautiful wife

Most splurge-worthy item: Handmade Lucchese Caiman crocodile boots

Last thing I purchased: George Strait concert tickets

Must-have product: Watch. I feel lost without the time and date.

Favorite footwear: Cole Haan Zerogrand. It’s a dress shoe with a tennis shoe bottom—game changer!

Favorite tie: Hermès

Best fashion advice I’ve received: There is no such thing as being overdressed.

Fashion motto: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Smile and dress professionally.

“My father survived prostate cancer.”

Director of sports operations, Traction Sports

My style in five words or less: Athletic casual

Fashion inspiration: My wife, Carlie

Favorite designer: J.Hilburn

Daily uniform: Traction T-shirts and shorts by Marucci

Weekend ensemble: Lululemon ABC pants and collared Dri-Fit shirt

Go-to pair of denim: Citizens of Humanity

Prized possession: Autographed baseballs from Hall of Fame legends that my dad managed to have signed for me during his time coaching for the Dodgers

Most splurge-worthy item: Sunglasses and wallets

Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Plain white sneakers

Worst fashion memory: Wearing a hot pink fanny pack on vacation when I was 9 years old

If no one were looking, I’d wear: Nothing at all

Signature fragrance: Escape

Favorite footwear: Cole Haan tennis shoes

Best fashion advice I’ve received: Reagan Roberts switched me to custom clothing and it was the best advice ever.

Fashion motto: Comfort comes first.

“My mother is a breast cancer survivor. She beat this disease twice and is still active every day at the gym.”

Mother of three and community liaison for Business Report

My style in five words or less: Bold, different, creative, daring

Fashion inspiration: I draw inspiration often from what I see, not always who I see. I love classic yet different! I love mixing patterns, too.

Daily uniform: Workout gear. I don’t care as much about the brand as I do about if it’s comfortable and looks cute enough to feel like I’m dressed up enough to do lunch with a friend.

Weekend ensemble: Denim and comfortable shirt tucked in with a belt and boots or flip-flops

Go-to pair of denim: I love my old James Jeans from decades ago.

Prized possession: My husband gave me a Lee Michaels diamond cross necklace for Christmas one year. I love it and I wear it every day because it represents the passion in my heart and my faith.

Piece I skimp on: Probably shoes

Wouldn’t be caught dead in: A muumuu nightgown!

Worst fashion memory: Harold’s outfit my freshman year of college at Ole Miss in 1997. We dressed up to go to The Grove and I remember this long brown paisley skirt, brown turtleneck and a Brighton belt around the waist with brown patent clunker shoes. Just awful, not to mention HOT!

Signature fragrance: Ivanka Trump

Favorite footwear: Tory Burch flip-flops and flats

Handbag of choice: I love totes or large everyday handbags that I can carry a lot of things in. I always go with classics that I can keep and pass down to my daughter. And I love color.

Best fashion advice I’ve received: Don’t be afraid to mix up patterns.

Fashion motto: Try something you never would try several times and you’ll get out of your comfort zone.

“I lost a cousin on each side of the family who are close to my heart. Melissa lived life to the fullest and smiled more than anyone I know. Bella’s life has left footprints in hearts and is helping to support children who are battling cancer.”

Interventional pain specialist

Fashion inspiration: McDreamy

Daily uniform: FIGS scrubs

Weekend ensemble: Jeans (DL 1961), J.Hilburn button-down dress shirt and Cole Haan shoes

Prized possession: Gold chain with ivory pendant handed down from my father

Piece I skimp on: Underwear

Last thing I purchased: J.Hilburn tuxedo

What I’m looking for now: Comfortable daily dress shoes

Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Flannel

Worst fashion memory: When I had a perm in fifth grade

If no one were looking, I’d wear: My birthday suit or Umbro shorts

Signature fragrance: Deer urine. Burberry Brit.

Favorite tie: Carrot & Gibbs

Best fashion advice I’ve received: My wife telling me to burn my cargo shorts

Fashion motto: Be really, really, really ridiculously good looking.

“Two of my best friends’ moms were diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, one lost her battle, and the other is still fighting today.”


My style in five words or less: Bohemian with a lil’ luxe

Fashion inspiration: Sienna Miller, Olivia Palermo and ’70s classics like Jane Birkin and Ali MacGraw

Favorite designer: Isabel Marant

Daily uniform: Lululemon or boyfriend jeans, maybe with a vintage T-shirt, light blazer and cute sneakers

Weekend ensemble: An easy, casual dress with flats, or for a date night I love flattering, good-fitting denim with a cute top and statement (usually vintage) earrings.

Go-to pair of denim: Frame or Imogene + Willie

Prized possession: The Bible my husband gave me when he proposed

Most splurge-worthy item: Alanui cashmere cardigan

Last thing I purchased: Dior newsboy hat

Worst fashion memory: In seventh grade, I wore a fitted, long-sleeve, silver metallic turtleneck with an American flag on the front with super, SUPER wide-leg jeans.

Signature fragrance: L’oeil du Vert Hollywood Jasmine

Must-have product: Beauty Bio GloPro microneedling tool

Favorite footwear: Saint Laurent or Ultra Boost sneakers. Both super comfy.

Handbag of choice: For every day, a big Khaite tote. For night, Bottega clutch.

Best fashion advice I’ve received: Never allow what you’re wearing or how much it costs to determine your self-worth or identity.

Fashion motto: Try, but not too hard.

“My father was diagnosed with throat cancer during my junior year at LSU. I’m thankful he’s healthy and cancer free today! There are so many lessons I learned during that season of life.”

Director of digital growth, Lamar Advertising

My style in five words or less: Unique, comfortable, eye-catching and fitting

Fashion inspiration: Justin Timberlake, Stephen Curry, Zac Efron

Favorite designer: Multiple designers, but Trunk Club and my stylist Molly Rose keep me looking fresh and uniquely dressed. Of course, my favorite shoe designer is Tinker Hatfield.

Daily uniform: Denim, button-up, a unique blazer and colorful kicks

Weekend ensemble: While we are funning from ballpark, soccer field and gymnastics with the #Dallimore4, Lululemon ABC pants, T-shirt and a pair of Nike running shoes

Go-to pair of denim: Paige, AG and JOE’S Jeans

Prized possession: Air Jordan 3 Retro Tinker Hatfield and Air Jordan 72/10s

Last thing I purchased: A few blazers from Bonobos and a new pair of Nikes

Wouldn’t be caught dead in: A professional team jersey

Worst fashion memory: Dockers pants and zip-up polos in high school. Yet I still won best dressed?

If no one were looking, I’d wear: Pajama set. Never to bed, though!

Signature fragrance: Versace Eau Fraiche

Must-have product: Aveda Grooming Clay

Favorite tie: Never, ever wear one. Pocket squares are my silent obsession!

Best fashion advice I’ve received: Always wear a blazer. You can always take it off if you’re overdressed.

Fashion motto: If it looks good to you, rock it, and YES, you should always wear kicks with everything, including a tux!

“My aunt Renee was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 and is in remission after her mastectomy. She tackled the issue head on with a smile and with style. I’m so proud of her, and love her so deeply!”

Owner, Relief Windows

My style in five words or less: Dressy casual

Favorite designer: Alice + Olivia, Amanda Uprichard, Elizabeth and James

Daily uniform: Usually slacks, a work polo or blouse, and cute flats

Weekend ensemble: Gym clothes during the day when I’m hanging out with our 2-year-old daughter, and jeans, heels and a cute top when we go out to dinner in the evening

Go-to pair of denim: It’s nearly impossible to find jeans to fit me but mostly J Brand

Prized possession: My engagement ring. It reminds me of everything we’ve accomplished and been through together since we got engaged.

Most splurge-worthy item: Shoes! But I also have really inexpensive shoes that I love.

Last thing I purchased: Alexandre Birman sandals

What I’m looking for now: I’m always looking for a new favorite pair of jeans.

If no one were looking, I’d wear: Comfy pajama pants and a long-sleeve T-shirt

Signature fragrance: Viktor & Rolfe Flowerbomb

Must-have product: Clinique Superdefense

Favorite footwear: My favorite footwear are my go-to Jimmy Choo stilettos. I have a black and a nude pair, and I love them so much. I’ve had the heels replaced numerous times on both.

“My husband lost his mother and grandmother to breast cancer when he was in college. Unfortunately, I never had the privilege to meet either of them.”

Chief Operating Officer, Ochsner Baton Rouge

My style in five words or less: Classic, traditional and professional

Fashion inspiration: Whatever feels right for the occasion

Daily uniform: Suit and tie

Weekend ensemble: Shorts or chinos, golf polo, loafers or flip flops

Go-to pair of denim: Levis

Prized possession: Lizard-skin boots that my dad bought for me when I was 16 years old. They still fit and I still wear them.

Most splurge-worthy item: Ostrich full-twill boots

Last thing I purchased: Watch

Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Jorts

Worst fashion memory: Most every out-of-uniform day as a kid growing up

If no one were looking, I’d wear: Someone is always looking.

Signature fragrance: Bulgari

Must-have product: Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer

Favorite footwear: Cole Haan for causal. Allen Edmonds for dress.

Fashion motto: Dress how you want to be addressed.

“My mother-in-law passed away from cancer in 2016. She had a genuine love for life that was contagious. We miss her laugh every day.”

Former high-school English teacher turned stay-at-home mother

My style in five words or less: Comfy, casual, fun and loose

Fashion inspiration: Honestly, if I like something and it fits, that’s inspiring!

Favorite designer: No real favorites. I love everything from a bargain find at Target to a cute outfit from a boutique.

Daily uniform: You will usually find me in my faux workout wear, a tennis outfit or a fun dress.

Prized possession: Not that they are possessions, but it has to be my family. For actual things, it would be my wedding ring, my mother’s cross and my grandmother’s gold bangle bracelet.

Most splurge-worthy item: Shoes or getting my hair done

Wouldn’t be caught dead in: High-waisted denim or a crop top. It’s important to know what does not work on one’s body!

Worst fashion memory: Mom jeans before they were called that … and before I was a mom.

If no one were looking, I’d wear: My pajamas

Signature fragrance: Clinique Happy and Archipelago lotion. Very mature, I know.

Must-have products: Moisturizer, lipstick and a keratin treatment

Favorite footwear: My favorite shoes are my red Dolce Vita wedges, but I do love a good comfy tennis shoe or flip-flop.

Handbag of choice: I love my Tory Burch bucket bag.

Best fashion advice I’ve received: Know what works for you and makes you comfortable and happy.

Fashion motto: Smoke and mirrors … and a smile!

“There are just too many people that I love who have had cancer.”

Vice president of development, LSU Tiger Athletic Foundation

My style in five words or less: Relaxed

Daily uniform: Khaki pants and polo

Weekend ensemble: Basketball shorts and a long-sleeve T-shirt

Prized possession: Record collection

Most splurge-worthy item: Cowboy boots

What I’m looking for now: Pocket square

Worst fashion memory: Doc Martens and Girbauds

If no one were looking, I’d wear: T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops

Must-have product: Strong sock collection

Favorite footwear: Cole Haan Zerogrands

Favorite tie: NOLA Couture

Best fashion advice I’ve received: Buy stuff that fits. It makes a difference in how you look.

“My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer six months into her pregnancy with me. Proud to say she has been in remission for 37 years.”

Stay-at-home mom

My style in five words or less: Casual, classy, comfy and elegant

Fashion inspiration: My mom. She has the best taste and can put an outfit together beautifully.

Daily uniform: Lululemon leggings, workout top and running shoes

Weekend ensemble: Denim and a tee or cute top with Vince slip-ons

Go-to pair of denim: 7 For All Mankind high-waisted and MOTHER Denim

Prized possession: My diamond stud earrings my husband gave me

Most splurge-worthy item: My handbags

Last thing I purchased: A jumpsuit

I can’t get enough of: On Cloud running shoes

Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Crocs

If no one were looking, I’d wear: No makeup all the time

Signature fragrance: J’Adore by Christian Dior

Handbag of choice: A Louis Vuitton purchased in college

Best fashion advice I’ve received: My mom has always said that wearing anything black always makes you look timeless, slim and put together. I have taken that advice and used it for years. The color black is my go-to favorite.

Fashion motto: Simple is better!

“My maternal grandfather passed away last year from lung cancer.”


My style in five words or less: Comfortable

Favorite designer:  Burberry

Weekend ensemble: Scrubs if I’m working. Otherwise, jeans and a golf shirt.

Go-to pair of denim: Wranglers

Prized possession: A sculpture of a child and his dog given to me by my mentor

Most splurge-worthy item: Omega watch

What I’m looking for now: Nothing. I’m good for a couple of years. I binge shop.

Wouldn’t be caught dead in: Skinny jeans

If no one were looking, I’d wear: PE shorts and T-shirts

Must-have product: Rusk Deepshine Lustre

Favorite footwear: Cole Haan

Favorite tie: Hickey Freeman

Best fashion advice I’ve received: From my dad: Your tie should hit the top of your belt buckle. Your knot on your tie should be tight. Make sure your shoes are shined.

Fashion motto: Be comfortable.

“My mother is a breast cancer survivor.”

Executive vice president of corporate development, Bernhard Energy Solutions

My style in five words or less: Simple

Fashion inspiration: Fortune 500 CEOs

Favorite designer: Hermès

Daily uniform: Business suit with tie

Weekend ensemble: Khaki shorts with a Peter Millar shirt

Prized possession: Custom Father’s Day tie given to me by my kids

Piece I skimp on: Socks

What I’m looking for now: I’m always looking for a good new pair of shoes.

If no one were looking, I’d wear: The same thing I usually wear

Signature fragrance: Armani Aqua Di Gio

Must-have product: Tommy John underwear

Favorite footwear: On Cloud tennis shoes and Salvatore Ferragamo oxfords

Fashion motto: Keep it simple.

“One of my best friends lost his wife in December 2018. She was 38 years old with two beautiful children.”


My style in five words or less: Feminine, classic, timeless

Fashion inspiration: Audrey Hepburn

Favorite designer: Badgley Mischka and Vince

Daily uniform: Scrubs. FIGS brand is my favorite.

Weekend ensemble: Jeans, white tee and Kaanas shoes

Go-to pair of denim: Hudson

Prized possession: My late father’s doctor bag, filled with his old instruments. It is priceless.

Most splurge-worthy item: IRO gold leather jacket

Piece I skimp on: Makeup and facial cleansers. I use soap and water.

What I’m looking for now: A cocktail dress

Worst fashion memory: Shoulder pads and permed hair in high school

Signature fragrance: Astor Place by Bond No. 9

Must-have product: Keratase Discipline hair conditioner

Favorite footwear: Pour La Victoire and Rag & Bone

Handbag of choice: Chloé

Best fashion advice I’ve received: When you don’t feel your best, get your hair and nails done. You will then feel like a million bucks. This is something my grandmother told me all the time. She was truly a stately Southern woman.

Fashion motto: Be your own label.

“No amount of experience or preparation can ease the job of informing a woman that she has cancer.”