Davis Pourciau popped the question to girlfriend Alyssa Kleinpeter in a secluded, wooded spot while photographer Cage Chalet secretly snapped photos from a nearby hiding spot. Photo by Cage Chalet.

From the Weddings issue: Putting a ring on it

Once an intimate, but notably informal, moment shared only by the couple, the modern engagement has taken on a whole new life in the age of Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. In the same way that prom-posals have become larger-than-life displays of affection, marriage proposals have become no less over-the-top. However, for Rani and Kiara Whitfield, Kaitlyn Anton and Matthew Skapura, and Davis Pourciau and Alyssa Kleinpeter, the key to the perfect proposal moment lay in finding the happy medium between fanfare and old-fashioned intimacy.

“I think the moment was perfect because it was just the two of us when it needed to be,” says Pourciau of his rainy-day proposal, which was captured by friend and photographer Cage Chalet who stayed hidden during the special moment thanks to turkey hunting gear. “It was really the best of both worlds.”

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