Visit the revamped Apricot Lane

If you need an excuse to visit the mall, Apricot Lane is giving you a good one. The Mall of Louisiana location recently underwent renovations to the store to “reflect the new shopping styles of 2015.” The shop has also doubled the size of its sales floor and merchandise.

“The overall idea was to update the space, to make it our own and to brighten it up with crisp whites and grays and give it a cleaner more modern feel with the raw steel fixtures,” says Kelsey Fasic, Apricot Lane’s regional marketing manager. “We wanted an overall blank canvas to really make our clothes pop and keep the focus on the merchandise. We feel that this new overall aesthetic gives customers a bright, clean and fresh palette to explore their personal style.”

Apricot Lane has 10 locations nationwide, six of which are in Louisiana. “Over time our plan is to update each of our locations,” Fasic says. “Up next is the Lakeside Shopping Center location in Metairie.”

Take a peek at the stores’s new look in the gallery below: