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How to transform into a March sister with SOHO Boutique Salon

As if the clothing from the new Little Women movie didn’t already have us wanting to freshen up our wardrobe, the effortlessly perfect hairstyles shown in the film have all of us wishing for access to a daily glam squad. Since those things come at no small cost, we met up with Sarah Pagoulato from SOHO Boutique Salon for the next best thing: an at-home hair tutorial.

Read on for Pagoulato’s step-by-step guide on how to easily transform into a March sister at home:

Step one:

Gather your materials.

“For this look, we want to keep it pretty simple–from the tools you use to the technique involved. You’re going to need a teasing comb, bobby pins, clear pony tails, and dry texture spray. I like using Oribe, but whatever you have on hand works. I also recommend keeping a few no-crease clips on hand too, just in case.”

Step two: 

Spray and comb.

“The texturing spray and comb really come in handy here in terms of creating volume and body throughout your hair. Be sure to be generous while spraying, and don’t forget to spray and tease the crown of your head. You don’t want your hair looking flat!”

Step three:

Separate and twist.

“Separate your hair into three sections, placing one section on either side of your face, and leaving one in the back. Grab one of the sections of hair in the front near your face and then separate it into smaller sections, twisting two sections together twice and then adding in another section and again twisting twice, continuing that pattern until you reach the end of your hair. Then, ponytail it and begin doing the same process on the other side of your face. Once you’ve completed the second side, loosely pin the two sections behind your ear and to the back of your head, using about two or three bobby pins on each side.”

Step four:

Separate and braid.

“Now that you’re done pinning your twists, it’s time to separate your hair into three sections again and get ready to braid. Once you’ve separated your hair into three sections, begin braiding them together like you would on a normal braid. Once you’ve reached the end of your hair, use your last clear rubber band to lock in the pony. Then gently pull on the different pieces of your braid in order to loosen them up and make your braid appear thicker and a little messier.”

Step five: 

Make your bun.

“For the final and probably easiest hair step, you’re going to roll your braid up from the bottom and then pin up into a low bun using however many bobby pins you feel like you need for it to be secure. Then once your bun is in place, you can start gently pulling on random pieces of hair to give it that effortless, messy look.”

Step six: 

Dress to impress!

“After you feel like you’ve got the hair down pat, finish the look off by throwing on a chic prairie dress and pair of booties, and voila! You’re now officially a 21st-century March sister!”

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