Too cool for school: Fun supplies for grown-ups

Photos by Kleinpeter Photography

Purchasing school supplies isn’t reserved for those heading to class. Adults can have in on the fun, too. Chic notepads, darling pencils and floral folders easily spruce up a boring to-do list or barren desk. Be inspired with a trendy coffee mug and hit the road with a bright backpack. No matter the task at hand, colorful details make us eager to stay organized for the latter half of the year.

Top row from left: Beautiful card and Happy Day cards by Thimblepress, $6.50 each, Two Blondes; Coffee mug by Ashley Brooke Designs, $25, Two Blondes; File folders by Anna Griffin, $22, Paper n’ Things; and Letterpress Jotter Cards, $42, Paper n’ Things

Bottom row from left: White Pear Agarwood candle by Aquiesse, $42, Two Blondes; Note card set by Karen Adams, $25, Two Blondes; Turquoise writing pad by Raika, $170, Paper n’ Things and Dot the I’s pencil set by Kate Spade $20, Two Blondes; and Backpack by Southern Authority, $99.95, Pearson’s Luggage & Gifts