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Classic or trending? Three jewelry gifting tips for this holiday season

The best gifts come in the smallest boxes. At least if you ask us. But while we’re always hoping for silver, gold or something sparkly underneath our Christmas trees, there are a few things to be aware of before finalizing your wishlist (and gift list) this year.

To prep for the holiday season, we’re breaking down a few top jewelry trends with Amy Graham Hughes, assistant vice president of marketing for Lee Michael’s Fine Jewelry. Read below for her top three tips for jewelry gifting, no matter the budget.

1. Diamonds are always in style.

“When it comes to gift giving, classic diamonds are always a go-to. As I said, they are classic–especially pieces like simple studs or a tennis bracelet–and everyone loves diamonds,” she explains. “There’s something to fit every budget, whether you want to spend thousands on 10+ carats, or just a dainty necklace for around $500.”

2. Yellow gold is still trending.

“For the past two years, yellow gold has been very popular compared to silver or white gold,” Hughes explains. “We expect this trend to continue through 2024, although it’s likely that mixing metals could come back into fashion.”

3. Timepieces for the men (and women).

Tudor black bay chrono watch, Lee Michael’s Fine Jewelry

“People love to say they don’t need a watch because they have a phone or an Apple watch, but it’s not just about the time,” Hughes says. “The Tudor line of watches by Rolex is a great gift choice for the man in your life.”

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