Outfit and photo by Time Warp Boutique.

The mob wife aesthetic is trending. Here’s how we’re wearing it

We’ve heard some unique names for the current style trends, but we think “mob wife aesthetic” takes the cake. This new style has taken social media by storm. Fur coats, statement jewelry and big sunglasses make this look fun, edgy and, best of all, over-the-top.

“People are moving away from wanting to look just like everyone else,” says Jessica Rogers, store manager at vintage store Time Warp Boutique. “Vintage, one-of-a-kind items set your wardrobe apart from being basic and gives you a personal style.”


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A vintage fur is the perfect staple to perfect the mob wife look. But with Baton Rouge’s warm weather, we’ll also be looking for other ways to embody the bold aesthetic as we move out of the winter months. And according to Rogers, that task is simple, especially when working with vintage pieces. It’s not about doing what everyone else is doing. It’s about taking the idea and making it your own.

“The mob wife aesthetic is more is more,” says Rogers. “Think opulent luxury. Items that make you feel powerful and confident.”

For more vintage finds, check out Time Warp’s Instagram here.