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Summer hair care guide: 5 tips with Studio Gabriella

Three words come to mind when I think of a summer day: sunshine, swimming and sand. Sounds pretty good if you ask me. However, hair stylist Gabrielle McKellar of Studio Gabriella explains that the summer isn’t always so nice to our locks. Like skin, hair needs a little extra love during the long, hot summer months.

To help achieve a healthy but beachy look this season we met with McKeller for her go-to tips.

1. Try a keratin treatment.

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When your hair is exposed to the sun without proper protection, it can begin to dry out and break off, looking dead and in need of some serious TLC. This is why a little extra keratin is a must for anyone who plans on spending their summer basking in the sun. McKellar explains that almost immediately upon application of the treatment, hair follicles absorb the keratin, allowing your hair to instantly look and feel healthier. McKellar says that a keratin treatment is her No. 1 recommendation to clients during the summer because “it can bring the most dehydrated hair back to life.” 

2. Live by leave-in conditioner.

Between the sun, sweat and humidity, hair can always use a little help. That’s why leave-in products should be everyone’s best friend during the summer season. “My favorite go-to product is Milk_Shake leave in conditioner,” says McKellar. “Not only is it great for thick and thin hair, but it smells like summer in a bottle.” Leave-in products like Milk_Shake can add softness and frizz control to our hair while also providing protection against harmful UV rays.

3. Wet your hair before swimming.

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If you plan on spending your summer on the beach or by the pool, then this tip might change your life. The key to avoiding chlorine and saltwater damage is simply wetting your hair with clean water before getting in the pool or ocean. McKellar explains that hair acts like a sponge, soaking up any amount of moisture it can. By wetting your hair with tap water before swimming, you’re limiting the amount of chlorine and saltwater it can absorb, therefore protecting it against harsh chemicals and dehydration.

4. Use a Wet Brush.

The Wet Brush Pro Collection

Tangled, wet hair is almost inevitable during the summer months, which means the hassle of detangling happens quite regularly. Using the right brush plays a huge factor in getting those tangles out in an effective and gentle way. McKellar recommends using the Wet Brush Pro. This brush is designed specifically to glide through your hair, detangling even the toughest knots with no damage.

5. Keep drinking water.

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Not only does dehydration have major effects on your body, but it also affects your hair. Dehydration can cause a pause in hair growth, as well as lead to dandruff buildup on your scalp.

“Most people don’t realize that in order for their hair to stay as healthy as possible, they need to also take care of their bodies,” says McKellar. The importance of drinking water is vital for hair health, especially when exposed to the summer sun. McKellar says her trick to making sure she stays hydrated in the summer is by infusing her water with fresh fruit, giving her water a tropical taste.

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