Photos by Ryan Sides.

Shop quiz! with bright and fun lifestyle brand Sunshine Society

Lexie Polito and Alli Sims Roberts began their friendship when their kindergarten daughters were placed in the same dance class. Today, they are the proud new cofounders of Sunshine Society, an online lifestyle brand specializing in a variety of items from vibrant and playful pajamas and loungewear to hats and clear bags.

Polito and Roberts officially launched their business back in December 2023 with dreams of creating a brand that was unique and unlike anything on the market. The duo has been adding new styles and designs to their repertoire ever since.

Read on to learn more about Sunshine Society from Polito herself.

  1. What was the reason for starting your brand? When did it launch and how has it changed since then?

Alli and I had dreams of creating a lifestyle brand of items that didn’t exist, whether that be the design or the actual item itself. So, we embarked on a creative journey to curate a unique brand filled with products born from imagination, blending style, function and inspiration. After our launch, we quickly realized how many other like-minded consumers were looking for items that we’d wished existed, like pajamas that are designed in great prints unlike the typical holiday or basic print you see all the time. Also, purses that can be used in stadiums for concert and gameday purposes that are clear, but still stylish and hip.  We strive to be a true lifestyle brand, with products for when you wake up to when you go to bed.

  1. What sets Sunshine Society apart?

Sunshine Society is different because we handpick every item, and create every graphic design for individual items ourselves. We are not buying from other companies. We are truly creating and designing every piece we’re selling.

  1. What are some of your best-selling products?

The pajamas have been our number one seller, but the bejeweled stadium bag and tracksuits both come in a close second.

  1. Can you share a hint of what shoppers will see online next season?

All things lifestyle! The cutest jogger sets, chic beach bags, slippers, customized denim, more unique stadium bags, hip streetwear and, of course, the most fun pajama prints!

  1. What is one thing customers should know about your brand that they may not be aware of?

We want to be completely original, and that’s the reason why we created Sunshine Society. You won’t be able to get our custom designs anywhere else, and we are creating fun pieces that we would want to buy too. Sunshine Society is not just a brand; we are a lifestyle that celebrates cheerfulness, positivity and happy emotions fueled by love and sunshine.

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