A makeup setting spray or cool hydrating mist is a summer makeup bag staple. Photo by Bliss Photography

Seize the season with warm-weather tips from makeup artist Kalie Montz

Splashing in saltwater. Hiking mountain trails. Whatever your plans are this summer, chances are your typical daily routine will be turned on its head. And that means your skincare and makeup routine should follow suit. According to Kalie Montz, makeup artist with Little Black Brush, this is the time for ditching heavy foundations and powders, upping your sunscreen game, and maybe even adding a new product or technique to your toolkit.

Read on for Montz’s pointers for making sure your skin stays pretty and protected no matter how high the temperature rises.


• Never skip sunscreen. The SPF in your foundation will not suffice.

• More SPF is not as important as using a sunscreen with the right ingredients.

• Look for “physical” sunscreens (with ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide). These will not only protect your skin from sunburn but will also help avoid more serious issues such as skin cancer and long-term damage. Those sun spots you are trying to get rid of that pop up in your later years are from not properly protecting your skin from years before. 

• “Chemical” sunscreens (avobenzone is a very common active ingredient) can cause irritated eyes/skin, burning sensations and darkening of existing sunspots due to a chemical reaction that increases internal skin temperature. 

Kalie’s favorite sunscreens:

EltaMD UV Physical SPF 41: This oil-free tinted SPF is water-resistant and withstands humidity and perspiration.

CeraVe Tinted Hydrating Mineral SPF 30: Tinted SPF that will also calm and hydrate skin.


• Moisturize! Whether it be a vacation to a less humid destination or flying on an airplane with recirculated air that tends to dry your skin out, a “water boost” moisturizer is great option.

• Summer or vacation alternatives to a full face of foundation include tinted sunscreens and BB or CC creams. Or try a mix of moisturizer with your normal foundation.

• Dodge the powders. If absolutely needed, lightly brushing powder over your face to set your makeup is OK, but avoid layering on a full face of power, as this will cause your makeup to appear cakey/textured throughout the day.

• Makeup setting sprays and hydrating face mist are game-changers if you feel like your makeup is gone within hours of putting it on. Setting sprays help makeup stay in place and look good longer, while a hydrating mist throughout the day will give your makeup a quick refresh. 

• My secret and personal favorite summer tip is to use a lash serum (Babe Lash is my favorite), and consider lash lift and tinting; this will give your natural lashes the look and feel of lash extensions.