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Resuable bags for putting plastic in the past

With New York’s outlawing of plastic bags statewide, a new spotlight has been put on the issue of waste and the many ways we can cut down. As a result, we’re seeing our weekly trips to the grocery store in a new way. No longer can the guilt of unloading upwards of 10 sacks filled with bread, pasta, wine–you know, the essentials–be quelled by stashing the bags away under the kitchen sink for future use in the case of a dog-related emergency (we’ll leave the details of that out of here). However, we’re not mourning. Rather, we’re celebrating the opportunity to bring a new tote into our lives in the name of being eco-friendly.

Read on for our picks from local boutiques. Click the boutique names for purchasing information:

  1. “Farmers Market” tote, $98. Eros
  2.  Sophie Anderson “Eve” carry-all, $395. Aria
  3. Neon leopard tote, $495. Edit by LBP
  4. Sophie Anderson “Mercato” market tote, $325. Aria
  5. Custom canvas tote bag, $25. Article & Thread

Where do you find your reusable bags? Let us know in the comments below.