Netflix's "Bridgeton" is just one of the hit shows driving the regencycore trend. Photo by Liam Daniel/Netflix

‘Regencycore’ fashion is having a moment on and off the Met Gala red carpet

Trend-conscious people will have noticed that items like corsets, small purses, opera gloves and dainty jewelry have suddenly jumped to the height of fashion after decades—or in some cases, centuries—on the shelf. But what caused this surge in “regencycore” style, a sister of the so-called “cottagecore” aesthetic, replicating the high-brow, idealized styles of womenswear long gone?  

Fashion trends, as we know, are cyclical, but in this case, we can start to see the origins of life imitating art with the popularity of TV series like Netflix’s Bridgerton and HBO’s The Gilded Age. Designers and street fashionistas alike have been putting their own spin on some tried-and-true trends of yesteryear, and perhaps nowhere as publicly as this year’s Met Gala—which occurred Monday, May 2—alongside the theme “Gilded Glamour” to match the Met’s costume exhibition, “In America: An Anthology of Fashion.”

Photo by Alison Cohen Rosa/HBO

With all of the hype, we wondered how to translate these top-of-society trends into our everyday wardrobes, which is why we reached out to Jessica Rogers, who collects and sells vintage pieces for her Shick Chick Vintage Etsy shop and Instagram

“You don’t see stuff like that being made today. I think that’s where turning to vintage for one-of-a-kind pieces is really helpful,” says Rogers.

Rogers believes that accessorizing has the potential to completely change the energy of an outfit with minimal effort—a key to many regencycore looks. To get the Bridgerton aesthetic while keeping it casual and not “costumey,” for example, she recommends focusing on pearled or jeweled accessories, tiny bags and one-of-a-kind pieces. 


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“I like to wear crystal headbands or fancy shoes with outfits that I feel need a little glitz,” Rogers says, noting that regency glamour, since it flourished with the aristocracy of the time, relies on a more conservative style without sacrificing elegance. So, next time you are looking to put together a look for a night out, or even for work, maybe think about drawing inspiration from a time before the Pinterest board.