Photos courtesy Ellen Tarleton.

Pint-sized perfection: Blogger Ellen Tarleton proves style has no age

When I was 10, the adjective I would use to describe myself definitely would not be “fashionable.” My wardrobe was governed by whatever ridiculous layered monstrosity they were outfitting the stars of Disney Channel with at the time–picture arm socks, logo tees and tons of glitter. These mismatched and over-the-top ensembles would come to define my young life, and, unfortunately, my awkward phase. Looking back, I wish I was a little more like Ellen Tarleton, the almost 11-year-old fashion and lifestyle blogger behind Elegantly Ellen who appears to be skipping cringe and heading straight for classy. Don’t let her age fool you, however. One look at Tarleton’s blog and she will have you working to emulate her bright but polished outfits, despite the fact that they came from the juniors section.

“I first discovered I was interested in fashion after I started my blog and started following bloggers,” says Tarleton, who cites some of her favorites as locals Brighton Keller and Krystal Faircloth, as well as Arielle Noa Charnas, Rachel Parcell and Christine Andrew. “I was inspired by their fashion and realized that I love it! I also got compliments on my outfits and shoes and thought that I might have a talent for blogging and designing.”

With boho-inspired dresses, fringe bags, high-top tennis shoes and more, Tarleton carefully walks her followers through both the shopping and dressing processes with how-to guides, like this one on spring fashion, which delve into what to look for, where to get it, and even where to splurge. However, despite her emphasis on appearance, Tarleton views her newfound influence as a way to encourage others to live with confidence by outfitting themselves with pieces that make them feel special.

“What I like most about fashion is that it is always unique,” says Tarleton, who brings her love of local to each of her outfits, with some of her favorite local spots being Tangerine and B Kids. “I hope that my followers learn that I show them my outfits for inspiration and not to let them know that you always have to be on point! My followers mean a lot to me, and we are always giving each other support.”

Notably, some of Tartleton’s strongest support comes from none other than her mother Nicole, who has been along for the ever-so-fashionable ride since day one. As Elegantly Ellen’s number one fan, Nicole sees far more than just outfits when it comes to her daughter’s interest in style.

“To see Ellen use the gifts God has given her at such a young age brings me so much joy,” says Nicole. “Her creative mind and style inspires me daily, and I know that it does the same for others.”

And, as Tarleton’s following continues to grow, it is her ambition, combined with her eye for style, that sets her apart and bridges the age gap between her and her much-older fashion counterparts. With both an Instagram account and a blog, Tarleton works tirelessly, in addition to her schoolwork, to bring her creative vision to life, proving that, when it comes to dreams, its all about making it happen.

To follow along on Tarleton’s stylish journey through tween-dom, follow her on Instagram at @elegantly_ellen or check out her blog here.